Welcome to the Our Green E-bike Trip blog!

This summer we’re taking a trip with electric bikes around Finland and Norway and we’d like you to join us.

Our bikes are charged with solar panels and we’re mainly sleeping in a tent so we’re travelling with respect for nature. This way we get the most out of the beautiful sceneries and wonders our trip has to offer for us.

We’re excited to write about our summer adventure and experiences cycling in Nordic countries. All you have to do is hop on board and enjoy the ride!

  • Ride to the Roots

    September 10, 2019 by

    Muonio is very close to our hearts in many ways – both of us moved there from southern Finland to become nature and wilderness guides and on top of that, both of Emmi’s parents grew up there. It is a perfect place for a school about wildlife since the area is mostly uninhabitated: there are… Read more

  • Back to Basics

    August 22, 2019 by

    The last few days we’ve cycled through sunshine and rain, experienced Norway’s versatility and returned to the basics of camping outdoors. When you’re well-equipped, there’s no bad weather for spending time outside, only different kinds of circumstances. The road from Olsborg to Finnish boarder consists of many up and downhills – from Skibotn to Kilpisjärvi,… Read more

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Hi! We’re Emmi and Joel from Finland and our goal is to take you with us to a summer adventure with e-bikes.

The trip is happening in two parts: first trip is taking place in Åland, or Ahvenanmaa as we call it in Finnish, and the second one in the northern parts of Finland and Norway. We’re both wilderness guides and nature enthusiast which can be noticed from the way we travel and what we like to do and see on our trip. Also thinking green is close to our ideals so it’s a natural part of our blog as well.

The electric bikes we use are charged with solar panels and we’re excited to share our experience riding them. We’ll also introduce you to our way of camping on the road from the basics like sleeping and cooking to the activities we like to do during our travels.

All in all Our Green E-bike Trip is about having fun and discovering new and interesting places through cycling. This is obviously even more fun with friends, so we’re happy to see you here enjoying the ride with us!

Emmi and Joel

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